Linvatec Quicklatch Arthroscope 4mm 30* w rotatable Sheath set
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1) Linvatec Quicklatch optical Arthroscope set, model QL4300 quicklatch scope 4mm x 17.5cm 30 degree, autoclavable. Comes with QL6112 dual port rotatable quicklatch sheath with blunt obturator. Stryker fiber optic light guide is included.

NOTE: Scope is high quality. This scope will not leak after 10 uses and will not degrade when autoclaved.

Scope set was a salesmans demo and has never been used..

Only what is pictured is included. SEE PICTURE.

Please ask for details. (endor-092311-lin-13)

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Sold by: Zoi Surgical Inc.  216-319-9596

  • Item #: endor-092311-lin-13

Linvatec Quicklatch Arthroscope 4mm 30* w rotatable Sheath set

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